Friday, September 3, 2010

Hair styles and buzzcuts for men

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Salon d' Arel

2465 North Jerusalem Road
East Meadow NY, 11554
(516) 785-9061

Owner:  Al Romano

Click Here For Competitive Prices

Whether it be you prefer a long hair style or a short hair style being well groomed makes the man feel good, sharp and confident.

Below are images of short, medium and long hair styles for men.  If your more into having a buzz cut there are pictures to view the many buzz styles to choose from too.  Many men get a fade buzz cut.  More hair on the top while the sides and the back are buzzed.

Whether your hair is straight, waving or curly there is a haircut just for you. 

The first group of pictures are dozens of buzz cuts to choose from.  Buzz cuts and fade buzz cuts.

Below is a mix of simply short, medium and long hair styles for men.

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